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Writing for Wellbeing 

Reflect, Renew, Reframe

Writing for Wellbeing: Reflect, Restore, Reframe.

Charlotte Lunn; writer, poet and published author, and Stephie Be; Self-worth and empowerment coach, are rising up, collaborating and sharing their creative magic with you; to inspire and nourish your creative potential and your emotional wellbeing.

Indulge yourself in this wholesome evening with us as we use creativity, connection, reflection, writing and meditation to reflect on the year that recently changed our worlds; feeling and healing the emotions that come up for you, moving through them and releasing them onto paper so you can step forward into a fresh new chapter with clarity, inspiration and motivation feeling empowered and revitalised.

Have you had a lot going on in your mind?
Are you struggling to process and come to terms with change?
Have you been bottling up things you want to express and can no longer contain them?

Get nice and comfy cosy and prepare for your thoughts to be set free, liberate your mind, share your dreams and utilise our sacred safe space to nourish yourself.

You are deserving. Treat yourself with this virtual writing for wellbeing retreat.

Date: Saturday 13th February
Time: 18:00-21:00 (UTC) break included.
What you need: No previous experience of meditation or writing is needed. All you need is your beautiful self, an open mind, a journal and a pen.  You may want to bring some meaningful objects or prompts, a cup of tea, a candle, some music and anything else that you may want to help you settle in and reconnect to your soul.

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