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Thrive Tribe 
Group Empowerment Programme

This is a 8 week group empowerment programme for those who are feeling lost, unfulfilled, and burnt out and are ready to make a change. Perhaps you are a creative who feel stuck and trapped in their mundane job because you don't have the self-belief or confidnece to shine your authentic light and make your burning passion and desire your world. Or perhaps you keep putting other people first due to perfectionism and people pleasing tendancies, becuase of this you are neglecting your own dreams and desire and are left feeling frazzled and unfulfilled. Well, this is where it changes! You dream life is within reach, it is possible to feel amazing in mind, body and soul and this programme shows you exactly how. Remember you ar ethe creator of your life, how the next chater is written is up to your hands. 


Module One


Let's be honest, you have come to this website because something doesn't feel right in your life, you want something to change. But let's not focus on what you don't want, let's focus on what you do want! 

In this first module we use powerful clarity coaching, help you reconnect to your hearts desires, dare to dream big and get clear on your goals. 

Module Two


This is where we start peeling back the layers and unveil your truth. We bring subconscious self-limiting beliefs to the surface so we can bring awareness to them and unveil what your blocks are, what's keeping you stuck, and preventing you from living your dream life. 

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Module Three

Transform Mind

This is where you start to throw doubt on your current belief system, see how it is preventing you and start to create a new emowering belief system which will help you to move towards your dreams and desires.

Module Four


Here is where we start to heal the deep rooted wounds which are keeping you stuck. In this module we will use shadow work, forgiveness work and inner child healing to help you heal and let go of past experiences so that you can move forwards.


Module Five


It is one thing transforming our mindset, but it is important that we also embody the person that we want to be. In order to use the law of attraction in our favour, we also have to harness our energy. In this module you will experiences chakra healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, fogiveness work and energy protection rituals to help you harness your energy to align it with your greatness. 

Module Six


In order to achieve and step into our magic, it is important that we harmonaise our yin and yang energy. This module we will be looking at harnessing our Yin, feminine, moon energy, practicing self-care and surrendering to prevent burnout and create space for manifestation. We will  also touch upon emotions, moon magic, and your menstural cycle for the ladies.


Module Seven


This week we explore yang, masculine, sun energy by focussing on inspired action, and getting your to-do list created to help you feel excited about moving towards your dream life. 

Module Eight


Here is the soul work, where we learn to trust in the universe and surrender to what is. We learn to co-create magic with the universe and magnitise magic using the law of attraction.


To see whether this programme is for you, book a complementary connection call with me today.

What's included :
  • 8x live training sessions with me Stephie Be
  • 8x live coaching sessions and Q&As with me 
  • Access to private empowering facebook community
  • Lifetimes access to an online dashboard 
  • 10 day meditation programme
  • Mirical morning self-care pack
  • Journal prompts
  • self-work guidance and workbooks 
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