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E-Motional Embodiment
Energy healing and emotional exploration in body, mind and soul


  • Do you hold your emotions in your body?

  • Do your emotions manifest and show up in your physical and mental health?

  • Do you struggle to process your emotions and bury them, run away, or hide from them?

  • Do you want to release emotions which are not serving you and build emotional resillience and awareness?

If the answer is yes to any of the above then this 8 week online E-motional embodiment  course is perfect for you! 


Starting August 2021

*There are limited spaces so that I can serve each group member and so that the space feels safe and supportive.


Give yourself permission to have time and space to slow down. When we slow down, it provides space to think, process and reflect. Sometimes unwanted thoughts, emotions or sensations come up that we do not usually give ourselves the time think about or feel, this can be challenging. It may feel like everything is catching up on you. This group provides a safe space to process what is going on for you and feel less alone in what you are experiencing with group connection, reflection and support.

We live in a society where we are expected to be busy all the time, be doing soemthing all the time, to be "productive" and get things done. But how would it feel to slow down, work in flow, listen to your body and your heart and respond to it with what it needs.

This group is facilitated via zoom so is accessible to anyone with internet access, no matter where you are in the world and I am so excited to connect with you. 

The Journey
Each week we will explore different emotions associated with the chakras as seen below, exploring deficient and excessive energy in each chakra through the use of movement, meditation, jounraling, poetry and affirmations; a unique mind-body-soul holistic and intergrative experiential approach.














What is Embodiment? 
There is no clear definition of what embodiment is. My interpretation is that embodiment is how we store, express, and process emotions, thoughts and beliefs in our physical body. This can affect each individual differently and I believe that through emtional enquiry, turning inwards, tuning-in and becoming aware, we can reclaim our emotional power, let go of stored emotions which are not serving us, build emotional resillinece,  cultivate balance in the mind and body, and experience energy healing. 

Prefer to work 1:1 with me on a specific self-limiting belief or emotional experience  that is holding you back? check out my 1:1 coaching programs and book a FREE discovery call with me to find out more. You can also book this call with me if you would like to chat more about the emotional embodiment programme. 




What is included in th E-motional Embodiment Group?
This is an 8 week exclusive group program, each week we will gather online in our empowering community and I will facilitate a 90 minute live E-motional Embodiment workshop inclusive of mindfulness, mediation and authentic and intutive movement to become aware of, process and release emotions in relation to the different chakras.

I will then offer a poem or reflective question for you to journal on for a few minutes before I open up the space for community support and reflection. Members can, but or not forced to share their experience, to feel held and contribute towards collective consciousness. 

Classes will be recorded and sent to your email so that you can engage in the practice again when you whenever you want to. 




  • Facilitated Embodiment workshop

  • Meditation

  • Breathwork

  • Affirmations

  • Journal Prompts

  • Group Reflection and Connection

  • Follow up email each week with: recording of the session in case you would like to do it again in your own time, affirmations, and tips and tools on how to rebanlance the energy centre we have been working on that week.

  • Optional membership of a private Facebook group to connect and reflect with other people on the program.

  • A handbook for you to keep with an oveview of chakra's, journal prompts, healing practices, yoga poses, poetry, affirmations and emotion tracker. 

What is covered?

We will focus on a different emotional theme each week referring to the 7 chakras (energy centres) in the body. But first we start with building a safe space and develping a relationship with our physical and emotional body. We will be clearing the different energy centres and blockaged throughout our journey together. 

Week 1: Curiosity
Week 2: Safety vs Fear
Week 3: Guilt vs Desire
Week 4: Confidence vs Shame
Week 5: Self-love vs Grief
Week 6 Expression vs Withdrawal
Week 7: Intuition vs Denial
Week 8: Awareness and Celebration

*Please note: No previous experience is necessary. As sessions are via zoom you are responsible for your own physical and mental wellbeing. It is important that practice self-agency in regulating your body and mind and knowing your limitations. In signing up to the class you are agreeing that your mind and body is your responsibility and to take care of it thus there is no responsibility on me, (Stephie Be) for any injuries. The sessions are not physically demanding but please pause or sit out if you recognise any discomfort. You ar enot obliged to keep your camera on if you feel more comfortable having privacy that is fine too.  You will be sent a zoom link via email prior to the class. 

 See all payment options and reserve your spot here:






Before and after class:

I recommend preparing for the classes by sliding into cosy clothes, and grab a blanket, a pillow and a warm drink if they will make you more comfortable. You can use a yoga mat if you have one. It might be nice to keep a journal and write down how you are feeling before and after class and write down any supportive affirmations. You may also want to print out the handbook which I email to you before each session. If you have any injuries or need any additional support please do let me know and I will tailor the class to meet your needs. 


In these strange times, I want to be able to offer support and comfort still. I will be delivering these sessions from the comfort of my own home. I cannot wait to welcome you virtually into this space. If you have any questions, please send them to

Love and Light to you all. I look forward to seeing you on the screen. 









*Terms and conditions
In booking this 8 week Emotional Embodiment Programme you are agreeing that you are in good mind and body to look after your own mental and phsical health and wellbeing. This not a therapy group though it may have therapuetic value. If Stephie is concerned about your mental health and wellbeing then she will refer you to appropriate support services. Although this is a safe and open space, it is not a place to talk about things which much trigger other people's trauma. In booking this programme you are agreeing not to talk about self-harm or suicide withing the group. If you need to talk to someone about this please apprach the relevant service in your area or talk to Stephie privately. We will set ground rules in the first week but in booking this programme you are agreeing to keep the space safe, confidential and respect others in the group. This whole programme was created and designed by Stephie Be who has a degree in creative expressive therapies, has many years experience working in mental health and wellbeing and is a certified life coach. In booking onto this programme you are agreeing to not copy or share any of the material and resources you are sent or deliver and of the facilitated content without gaining permission from stephie Be first. 

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What People Say About

E-Motional Embodiment...


This Programme is fantastic! Steph is an amazing facilitator who created a safe, nurturing environment where I felt comfortable to be vulnerable and honest. Over the 8 weeks I saw not only myself grow, but everyone else become more open, confident and aware. I really enjoyed being creative and expressive and free without fear of judgement. Each week I felt more excited to learn more about myself. I feel very grateful for this experience and it was lovely to feel part of a community whilst on this journey; thank you to everyone.


Just want to say a massive thank you to

Stephie Be

She held the space so beautifully and I have grown in so many directions in last 8 weeks. She has created beautiful sense of sisterhood in which I felt safe and held in order to freely express myself and be vulnerable It was simply a beautiful experience.


I love that the sessions were recorded so we can re-do them in our own time. I love that you as a facilitator made us feel that we could move in a way that feels right to us and not in a way that you wanted us to. I love the mix of activities built up each session. I love that you talked us through some of the science and psychology aspects relating to each week/ chakra- I found this helped me to link to specific incidents in my life and helped me to focus each week and make the tasks meaningful and purposeful. What I enjoyed most was the sense of community and feeling free.

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