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2 Mugs in total, one of each design. 

Beautiful Sunshine Yellow Mug which reminds you to honour you mind, body and soul whilst taking a self-care moment, sipping your tea and remidning yourslef and eveyone around that you and they, are enough, worthy and deserveing. Together we rise. 

2x Limited Edition Mugs, One of each at discounted rate

  • MUG 1:

    Line drawing with writing " I Honour my Mind, Body & Soul"
    Back: "I am Enough, I am Worthy, I am Deserving"
    Inside: Yellow 
    Size: 325ml

    MUG 2:

    Front: Yellow Logo and qoute "Self-Care is How I Reclaim my Power"
    Back: "Love, Light & Helaing"
    Inside: Yellow 
    Size: 325ml


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