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If you are applying to the top-tier MBA colleges in the United States, then Stanford will definitely be on top of your list. But, as you might have guessed, cracking the prestigious MBA program at Stanford is not an easy task!

Crack The Gmat

As you can see, the average GMAT score of these schools is something dynamic. To crack the Stanford MBA program your ideal GMAT score should be 740. But, if you have a lower score and at the same time a great candidate profile with top-notch work experience and apt extra-curriculars, then you have a good chance at making it!

The MBA program at Stanford has a diverse class, both in terms of nationality and profession. Yet, it looks for applicants with a similar mindset and attitude. So, as an applicant from India trying to crack an overseas MBA program, developing this particular mindset is absolutely important! Not only will it help you create the application, but you will also fit right into the program and sail through with ease.

Your test date is a make-or-break moment when it all comes down to your performance. So how can you be sure that you know how to crack the GMAT exam and carry off a great score? You need some expert GMAT tips.

A good GMAT tutor can effectively show you how to crack the GMAT exam. How do you pick the right GMAT tutor? Personal compatibility, expert knowledge of GMAT tips and tricks, and a knack for diagnosing test-taking weaknesses are all a must.

Your custom study plan might be unlike any other, but you can also learn how to crack the GMAT exam from the experience of others. When you connect with other people prepping for, and who have succeeded with, GMAT testing, you reduce testing anxiety and get helpful GMAT-specific study tips and tricks.

For more useful GMAT prep tips and tricks, as well as information on the test preparation and coaching offerings from The MBA Exchange, and how we can help you solve the problem of how to crack the GMAT exam, head to our website, or contact us directly with your inquiry now.

When I was preparing for GMAT I was already working as a project manager handling a product engineering team. Joining a coaching class and working, I felt, would not be a smart idea. So I decided to study on my own. I assumed that with some amount of self-discipline and regular practice, cracking the exam would not be tough.

Coming from a rural background, it was almost impossible for me to prepare for the GMAT and crack the admission to the prestigious MBA programs. However, with the guidance of crackisb, years dream is converted into reality; I got multiple offers from IIM A, I, Notredame, XLRI.My sincere gratitude to Team CrackISB for providing great help!

CRACKISB 150 Google reviews shardul pandey April 10, 2021. Being a re-taker of GMAT,I feel a lot of difference between self paced learning and instructor driven well organised course at CrackISB. One can be much committed towards learning. abhi aries March 18, 2021. Got an admission confirmation yesterday for the class of PGP 2022 from ISB.Though I finished my GMAT with crackISB a couple of years back, they've supported me for the essays and helped me secure the admission. Thanks to the team for inspiring me through out ! Padmaja Ladies Tailoring & Embroidery Works February 22, 2021. They are good people. They refunded all amount back to us. As per thier terms and conditions.Thanks to us.Sorry, for the inconvenience caused by us. sambasiva rao December 24, 2020. The best part is that you can always relisten to the live class attended as they share a link after the class, that helped me a lot as I normally cant digest at one go. Sarveswarao Rajavarapu October 30, 2020. Got support for IIM A admission essays..quiet professional and impressive. Akshara sonar October 11, 2020. located at Pune,I wouldn't have come across such a good live program for GMAT by ISB ex students ,hadn't there been a lockdown as I always preferred offline learning.Its on par with my expectations Arnav gosala September 5, 2020. Getting up at 6.30 am in the morning to join a live class four days a week hasn't been so exiting ever.finished half of the modules so far..loving the continuity in learning. Rhea Chakravarthy August 16, 2020. Online classes are very impressive,considering the live mode they deliver rather than recorded ones we see everywhere.good.

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