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Buy Mexican Beach Pebbles ((FREE))

For gardeners or landscapers wanting to give their project an upgrade, beach pebbles are the perfect solution. One of our most popular items, beach pebbles are used in landscape, on walkways, at the base of and inside of fountains and anywhere else you desire an element of beauty or texture. The beautiful grey-blue tone of beach pebbles will add a clean touch to any landscaping design.

buy mexican beach pebbles

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With their sleek and sophisticated appearance, Mexican beach pebbles are an extremely popular choice for NJ homeowners who wish to give their property a new look and feel. These beautiful and versatile stones are not only stunning in appearance, but they can also be used for a wide range of practical functions throughout the landscape.

Homeowners love Mexican beach pebbles because they can be utilized throughout the property in a wide variety of different ways. Not only do the pebbles offer aesthetic appeal, but they are also practical.

These stones can work to draw attention to a fountain, in the installation of landscape waterfalls, or as a replacement for sand around a beach or pool. They are also often used in the installation of dry river beds. Not only do these features look stunning, but they also help to divert water safely away from the property.

Many home and property owners also elect to use Mexican beach pebbles as a replacement for mulch. This offers a permanent solution that will help to regulate soil temperatures and moisture content without decomposing or attracting pests.

Mexican beach pebbles are so popular that they may even be used to replace grass and parts of a lawn. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive maintenances, and reduces the amount of chemicals and fertilizers that are introduced into the ground.

A primary consideration when estimating the cost of your project with Mexican beach pebbles is that they must be shipped from Mexico. Due to their shipping costs they will likely be more expensive than some of their decorative counterparts, however many homeowners believe the added cost is worthwhile.

Our top of the line Mexican beach pebbles are ideal for any hardscape or landscape application that needs a modern or sophisticated look. These hand picked stones are consistent and smooth, and shipped to our yard in Plano, TX from the beaches of Mexico. The quality and color of the Mexican beach pebbles found at Outdoor Warehouse Supply, provide professional designers and homeowners alike, with a reliable material for any outdoor need. Our Black Mexican beach pebble available in in several different sizes and varieties. For any questions or more information, please call (972) 423-4001.

Mexican Beach Pebble 1-inch to 2-inches is a beautiful natural smooth pebble that comes from from the beaches of Mexico. It is a popular modern unpolished black pebble that is perfect for pool landscape design, drought-tolerant landscaping, and hardscape designs. Also, excellent for a dry-scape rock garden, gravel yard drainage, landscape edging, and more.

As one of the leading suppliers of Mexican beach pebbles, we are happy to work with any project, big or small.We offer a huge selection of top-quality Mexican beach pebbles at wholesale prices that are available for pickup or for delivery across the Northeast.

RS&P Rock Stones & Pebbles - We Go Beyond Your ImaginationBetter known as river rock, garden stones, or beach pebbles, cobbles are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors. The difference between cobbles and pebbles is their size: pebbles are generally 2.5 inches or smaller, while cobbles can be 2.5 to 10 inches across. Defined by their rounded shape, cobbles and pebble rocks are used for dry stream beds, ground cover, around plants, as natural dividers, or to visually accent a landscape design. Read More >>

We carry a wide selection of colors and sizes to accommodate a variety of applications. We can typically fulfill orders of any size in an efficient manner, from single bags to multiple truckloads. We source and ship our Mexican Beach pebbles directly from the coast to our storage facilities in Southern California and then on to your job site, residence, or stone yard. 041b061a72


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