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Alexander Knyazev
Alexander Knyazev

Full Movie Tara - The Journey Of Love Amp; Passion

first off i love movies and really enjoy your whole website. but i must say that i disagree with your sentiment that actors arent artists. forgive me if im wrong on your beliefs. actors are artists . i also reject director as auteur theory unless in films such as 2001 i feel actors are more central and i love directors dont get me wrong im an aspiring actor .

Full movie Tara - The Journey of Love amp; Passion

my top 501) raging bull2) wizard of oz3)terminator4)pulp fiction5)20016) steve jobs7) Up8)annie hall9)citizen kane10)its a wonderful life11) the kid12)the departed13)carrie14)no country15)x men days of the future past16)star wars episode IV17)the searchers18)revenge of the sith19)chinatown20) raiders of the lost ark21)godfather22)fistful of dollars23)moonstruck24)roma25)logan26)schindlers list27)dr strangelove28)blue velvet29)mulan30)purple rose of cairo31)punch drunk love32)an astronomers dream (1989)33)magnificent ambersons34)blakkklansman35)halloween (1978)36)return of the jedi37)empire strikes back38)sixth sense39)gone with the wind40)indescretion of an american wife41)aviator42)cape fear43)yellow submarine44)dhobi ghot45)terminator 2:judgement day46) toy story 347)grave of the fireflies48)passion of joan of arc49)metropolis50)gattaca

If you want to see a truly perfect movie without flaws, without mistakes, you should watch Nosthalgia the full package originality, creativity and ambition. And one of the most impressive shots you will see.

Hello, I love watching movies but I am very naive in the way I approach them. Can you please list some criteria on how you choose/rank movies, what should I look at? I believe atm I Am purely being in passenger seat of directors intentions but would like develop more critical perception.Btw, thank you so much for the effort you have put into this website!I am off to watch The Searchers now, hope I can spot the reasons for being that high on the list ? 350c69d7ab


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