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Liege Ranger Shotgun Serial Number

While every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided on serial numbers and dates of manufacture are accurate, records on early production models such as the Auto-5 and Superposed shotguns were not included due to the complexity of numbers, models and grades offered. Also, there have been unique limited-edition models that did not follow our regular serial number configurations and they are not included in this listing.

Liege Ranger Shotgun Serial Number

The primary market for the Model 8 was sport hunting. The Model 8 was used as a police gun, modified to use detachable extended capacity magazines, among other changes. While seeing limited use in World War I, it was used by the French Aéronautique Militaire[10] in very small numbers. It is noted as the rifle of choice by famed Texas Ranger Frank Hamer.[4] Hamer's rifle was a customized .35 Remington Model 8 with a special-order 15-round magazine from Petmeckey's Sporting Goods store in Austin, Texas. He was shipped serial number 10045, and this was just one of at least two Model 8s used in the ambush of Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker.[4] The rifle was modified to accept a "police only" 20-round magazine obtained through the Peace Officers Equipment Company in St. Joseph, Missouri.[11]

A GOOD+ AMERICAN CIVIL WAR PERIOD SMITH & WESSON MODEL No. 1 2nd ISSUE REVOLVER, ca. 1865: In overall good+ untouched condition. Sighted, 3 3/16", octagonal, .22 "short" caliber, rifled barrel with untouched steel-gray surfaces and a clear "SMITH & WESSON SPRINGFIELD MASS" marking, on its top flat. The bore with distinct rifling and some expected patches of pitting/discoloration and signs of use. Very good 7-shot cylinder with matching smooth steel-gray surfaces and a very clear Patent marking. The silver-plated brass frame with 25%-35& Silver Plated finish, generally sharp contours, signs of use and wear. Fine dark colored Rosewood grips with smooth surfaces, 85%+ finish and a tight metal-to-wood fit. Spur-type trigger. The heel of the grip with a 84,XXX serial number. In overall good+, untouched, mechanically sound condition with fine timing; and sharp metal and wood surfaces. Some expected signs of use and a nice example of classic Smith & Wesson Model No. 1 2nd type revolver, ca. 1865. Overall length, 7 1/2".


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