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Real Sociedad - Villarreal

You are on page where you can compare teams Villarreal vs Real Sociedad before start the match. Here you can easy to compare statistics for both teams. If you want to check live score or game statistics click here: Villarreal vs Real Sociedad result

Real Sociedad - Villarreal

Flying high in La Liga, silky Real Sociedad is exciting Spanish soccer fans with an attractive playing style and a healthy points tally. The team is also proving there are other avenues to success than just money. Mid-table Villarreal is learning that the hard way.

Currently Villarreal has a better 1vs1 performance index with 88. Real Sociedad has 35 goals and Villarreal has a total of 32 goals. Our opinion is that currently Villarreal would win the match.

Evaluating the strength of a teams midfield is not easy. At 1vs1 we look at a value called Pass Progression Value (PPV). We measure the ability of players to play the pass into dangerous zones and to create chances. Real Sociedad has a PPV value of 0.25 and Villarreal has a value of 0.2. Within the team of Real Sociedad David Silva has a total value of 0.54 and in the team of Villarreal the best player is Dani Parejo.

Jose Luis Morales made an impact for Villarreal in the second half, forcing Alex Remiro into a save, but Real Sociedad remained on top and Alexander Sorloth should have made the game safe, but Rulli denied him.

Villarreal earned a win on March 19 against CA Osasuna by a final score of 3-0. Villarreal took seven more shots in the match, 14 to seven. Villarreal got two of its goals from Jose Luis Morales Nogales in that match versus Osasuna.

The home side are currently seventh in Spain's top flight, boasting 13 points from their opening seven matches, while Villarreal are eighth, one point behind their opponents ahead of this weekend's contest.

Villarreal are certainly one the favourites to win the European competition this term, but they have struggled to find consistency in La Liga thus far this season despite only losing one of their seven games and conceding just twice, which is the second-best defensive record behind Barcelona.

Both sides are now in midweek European action, with Villarreal heading off to face Austria Wien, in the Europa Conference League, and Real Sociedad playing host to Moldovan side Sheriff Tiraspol in the Europa League.

"Villarreal CF has opened the doors and I have always felt at home, I played three seasons here and in recent times I have followed the team as an amateur. I have much affection and, therefore, I am very glad to be in this club. I want to start my new career coaching from below, like I did as a player, The president Fernando Roig has made history at this club and certainly have the ability to return to the elite as soon as possible. We must also rely on the new coach, Julio Velasquez, if the club has chosen it is because they will have the conviction that the team will return to First Division."

Villarreal set up in a 1-3-2-3-2 in possession. They attempt to overload the midfield by deploying a pivot and two interiors in addition to filling the central space. The intention is to create numerical superiority at different vertical levels in order to facilitate progression. The layers that this structure provides gives Villarreal the optimal opportunity to do just that.

Villarreal often enter the final third by means of their fullbacks due to the heavy occupation of central spaces that forces the opposition to pinch inside to avoid quantitative inferiority. Pervis Estupiñán can create plenty of danger after arriving into these advanced wide areas. Not only does he have the capacity to beat a player 1v1 at speed, but also a mental tranquility to pick out a player inside the box.

Since Emery took over Villarreal, in-to-out of possession transition has been their weakest phase of play. They concede control of the match due to a deficient pressure after losing the ball. Because of the in-possession set up of Villarreal in the 2nd phase, if the ball is lost in the centre of the pitch, they outnumber the opposition.

As such, if they apply pressure to the ball right after they concede it, they have a high chance of regaining possession. The closest player in terms of time applies pressure onto the ball while his other teammates cut off the short passing lanes to prohibit the opposition from breaking out of the pressing zone. By reducing the space the opposition has in addition to having a numerical advantage, Villarreal create the optimal opportunities to win the ball back instantly.

In goal, Álex Remiro must bounce with the CB to engage the pressure of the Villarreal centre forward, increasing the space for Nacho Monreal. When Trigueros steps to Merino, he also will be unable to apply immediate pressure onto Monreal. This means that Monreal will be able to receive with time and space to move into. Eventually, Trigueros will recover to pressure Monreal; Alexander Isak must look to receive the ball into feet from his left back.

If La Real do not pick the correct moments to press together, they could suffer for periods of the match due to the structure that Villarreal implement in possession. If La Real attempt to win the ball in the wrong moments, Villarreal will be able to circulate around the pressure and penetrate through the opposite side quickly. When these pressing moments appear, they must become energized and travel together to win the ball.

SIA Academy competes against the best football clubs in Spain. The Villarreal Yellow Cup Easter 2022 has been used for the Soccer Inter-Action youth team to play against the future players of LaLiga Santander. In the first matchday 1 of group B, SIA faced Real Sociedad.

The Basque team was one of the favourites to win the Villarreal Yellow Cup. The first match was against SIA Academy. The young talents of Soccer Inter-Action were a tough nut to crack for the future First Division players. La Real ended up winning 3-2.

The future stars of Spanish football regularly compete in the Villarreal Yellow Cup. Players such as Ferran Torres, Rodrigo, Adama Traoré, Gavi and Pedri have taken part in this renowned championship. So have future LaLiga Santander players who were able to measure themselves against SIA Academy.

Soccer Inter-Action has been represented in all categories of the Villarreal Yellow Cup. From the juveniles, with three teams, to the youth teams. Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Real Sociedad and Villarreal have been the most popular rivals. Also Levante UD. A unique opportunity to get closer to professional football.

Real Sociedad and Villarreal failed to capitalise on defeats for European qualification rivals Athletic Bilbao and Sevilla when they were held to 1-1 draws by Osasuna and Elche respectively in La Liga yesterday. 041b061a72


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