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Learn the Secrets of Thrausi 1.36, the Best Fracturing Plugin for Cinema 4D

Thrausi 1.36: The Best Plugin for Fracturing and Shattering in Cinema 4D

If you are a Cinema 4D user who wants to create realistic and dynamic fractures and shatters in your 3D projects, you need to get Thrausi 1.36. This plugin is developed by Nitro4d, a leading provider of plugins and tools for Cinema 4D. Thrausi 1.36 is the latest version of the popular plugin that allows you to easily break apart any object into pieces with various options and settings.

thrausi 1.36 cinema 4d plugin download

What Can You Do with Thrausi 1.36?

With Thrausi 1.36, you can unleash your creativity and make stunning effects with your 3D models. You can use it to:

  • Create realistic destruction and demolition scenes with debris and dust.

  • Make organic and natural fractures with Voronoi algorithm.

  • Add details and textures to your broken pieces with UV mapping.

  • Animate your fractures with dynamics and collisions.

  • Customize your fractures with different modes, shapes, sizes, and colors.

  • Combine Thrausi 1.36 with other Nitro4d plugins for more possibilities.

How to Download and Install Thrausi 1.36?

To download Thrausi 1.36, you need to visit the official website of Nitro4d and select the version that matches your Cinema 4D type and version. You can choose between a free version (1.0) that works for older versions of Cinema 4D (R11-R19) or a paid version (1.36) that works for newer versions of Cinema 4D (R20-R25). The paid version costs 15 euros and comes with more features and updates.

To install Thrausi 1.36, you need to unzip the downloaded file and copy the folder into your Cinema 4D plugins folder. Then, restart Cinema 4D and you will find Thrausi under the Plugins menu. You can also watch this video tutorial on how to download and install Thrausi plugin for Cinema 4D.

How to Use Thrausi 1.36?

To use Thrausi 1.36, you need to select an object that you want to fracture and apply the plugin to it. You will see a dialog box with different options and settings that you can adjust according to your needs. You can choose the number of pieces, the mode of fracture (uniform, radial, spline, etc.), the shape of pieces (cubes, spheres, etc.), the size variation, the color variation, the UV mapping option, and more.

Once you are happy with your settings, you can click OK and Thrausi will generate the fractured pieces as separate objects under a null object. You can then use Cinema 4D's dynamics system to animate the pieces and make them interact with other objects in your scene. You can also use other Nitro4d plugins such as NitroBlast or NitroMoFracture to add more details and effects to your fractures.

Why Choose Thrausi 1.36?

Thrausi 1.36 is one of the best plugins for fracturing and shattering in Cinema 4D because it is:

  • Easy to use: You can fracture any object in seconds with just a few clicks.

  • Flexible: You can customize your fractures with many options and settings.

  • Realistic: You can create natural and organic fractures with Voronoi algorithm.

  • Detailed: You can add textures and colors to your pieces with UV mapping.

  • Dynamic: You can animate your fractures with dynamics and collisions.

  • Compatible: You can use Thrausi 1.36 with any version of Cinema 4D from R11 to R25.

  • Affordable: You can get Thrausi 1.36 for only 15 euros or try the free version (1.0) first.


If you are looking for a plugin that can help you create amazing fractures and shatters in Cinema 4D, you should definitely check out Thrausi 1.36 by Nitro4d. This plugin is easy to use, flexible, realistic, detailed, dynamic, compatible, and affordable. It will take your 3D projects to the next level with its powerful features and options.

To download Thrausi 1.36 or learn more about it, visit the official website of Nitro4d here. ca3e7ad8fd


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