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Watch The Game Plan Full __TOP__ Movie Online

The 2007 comedy, drama film The Game Plan may not have received the best reviews from critics, but it was definitely perceived as a sweet family movie. The movie Stars Dwayne Johnson and Maddison Pettis, which is probably why it made over $150 million, and that proves that those movie critics didn't persuade viewers enough to not watch the film. The story follows a Football star Joe Kingman and a little girl, Peyton. While living his life to the fullest, he gets an unexpected phone call from his buildings lobby, telling him a cute girl is asking to go to his room. While Peyton wasn't what he expected, he had no choice but to invite her in, as she tells him she is his daughter. Joe was married before and she told him that she was at a business trip so she needed someone to take care of her. Peyton tells him about herself and emphasizes that she is allergic to peanuts. She then asks him what's the best things has ever happened to him, but he doesn't answer. After bonding, they end up being quite close to each other. Although his manager states that she is a distraction to his career, he still didn't want her to leave his life. Later on Peyton talks to a woman and tells her that she is having fun in the ballet school. Basically, her mom had no idea she was going to her dads and he has no idea that her mother had no idea that her mother didn't know about this. After Joe finds out her mother didn't know about her being with him, he get furious. However, she accidental ate a cake which had peanuts in it, as he ends up running to the hospital. Joe then sees the girl she was on the phone with and asks her where his ex wife was at. The girl is his ex wife's sister, and was at awe when she found out Peyton didn't tell her that her sister past away. Due to this incident, Peyton goes back home with her aunt and is still a bit mad at Joe for yelling at her. He then sees a couple notes in Peyton's bag which she left, and it had notes from his ex wife. She writes about how she can't tell him about Peyton and how if he knew about the baby, it would ruin his career. During the championships, Peyton comes to cheer him on as they win the game.

Watch The Game Plan Full Movie Online

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Where to Watch The Game PlanThe Game Plan is available to watch, stream, download and buy on demand at Google Play. Some platforms allow you to rent The Game Plan for a limited time or purchase the movie and download it to your device.

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