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Project Nexus

Project Nexus is a scientific program aimed at the mass-production of soldiers in Nevada. Phobos was the leader of the project until his death. It is the primary focus of the Story Mode in the game Madness: Project Nexus (Classic). It was formed approximately 30 years prior to the present, and operated for 15 years before it was nearly destroyed in an insurrection. The chief scientist at the time, Dr. Christoff, played a key role in both the program itself and the outbreak.

Project Nexus

While not entirely specified, the Project's original charter was supposed to help improve the lives of Nevada by utilizing S-3LF and cloning technology. Projects within the organization included Dr. Christoff's Sleepwalker project, which would allow Nevadans to relive the memories of clones as a form of instant education, Dr. Crackpot's Project Zed, which was meant to attempt to resurrect the dead (with disastrous results), and Dr. Hoffnar's study of Dissonant energy from the Other Place. Unfortunately, Director Phobos repurposed the project, selling clones as servants and soldiers to raise funds, and trying to seek immortality through Project Gestalt, and project that would trap numerous S-3LFs into one giant MAG, that Phobos would attempt to control. The project eventually lead to the formation of undead creations such as zombies, sleepwalker patients, and abominations.

As revealed in MADNESS: Project Nexus, the project's true purpose was solely for the benefit of Director Phobos, in his pursuit of immortality and greater power. The excess of clones created in the Project's research were sold off in a front operation to provide funding and head off suspicion. Originally the clones were advertised to civilians as a way to extend their lives, escape diseases, learn new skills, or simply own butlers and wait staff. Over time marketing shifted to mercenary and paramilitary groups instead.

At some point in time, Dr. Christoff, disgusted at what his scientific efforts had been used to create, released the experiments in an attempt to destroy the project. Zombies and abominations broke free of confinement and began attacking scientists and soldiers such as agents. This was merely a distraction, and Christoff rose up and waged a one-man war against his former comrades. Christoff then took on the identity of Jesus, now wielding a powerful halo which he stole from the project.

Fifteen years after the outbreak, the project is still active. Supposedly, the cloning process had been perfected, or at least close to perfected, which was then used to mass-produce many Nexus units. The loyalists formed the Nexus Core to restart the project, and split into two groups, seemingly for operational redundancy. The first was encountered in Madness: Project Nexus (Classic) where they were destroyed by Hank, Sanford, and Deimos. The second remained within the Science Tower, where they were only defeated by the combined effort of not only Hank, Saford, and Deimos, but also Dr. Christoff and Dr. Hoffnar.

Project Nexus is a pilot project that is going to serve as a proof of concept from research done by the University of California Merced. The project looks to provide water supply savings and generate renewable energy by placing solar panels over 250 miles of canals within the San Joaquin Valley.

Josh Weimer, external affairs manager for Turlock Irrigation District says that the solar panels will serve as a canopy covering the canals and will also provide a wind block. He says wind heavily impacts evaporation and could potentially save 63 billion gallons of water. He adds that one of the benefits of this project is being able to use land that they already own.

While roadblocks may occur during the developmental stages of the project, Weimer says that water quality improvement and renewable energy are super beneficial to our community and that is why they are determined to work through any challenges they may face.

Weimer says that they are currently in the full design and contracting process of the project and are finalizing what the design systems are going to look like for the solar panels and they plan to officially launch Project Nexus this fall.

You can invest in exclusive Real Estate, in a concrete development project or building, for as low as $5. The platform offers Stock Derivatives for just $1. No longer are these asset classes reserved for the wealthy, and you can earn more efficiently by utilizing the Savings aspect of the app.

In March 2021, Electrek reported that scientists published a feasibility study about the benefits of erecting solar panels over canals. That study is about to become a reality when a pilot project breaks ground in California.

The project was overseen by industry watchdog Ofgem and PwC, and the major climax of the project - switching from old system to new - took nine days, from 23rd-31st May. During this period, energy suppliers could not communicate with Xoserve. By 6th June, all customer usage information was communicated to Xoserve, normal service had been resumed and we were back to full operational service. 041b061a72


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