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Danger Doom, The Mouse And The Mask Full ((NEW)) Album Zip

In no way, shape, or form is The Mouse and the Mask a breakthrough album of any sort, but it is in fact a Doom classic - one highlighting his chameleon identity with his ever growing discography, and hopefully, through the appeal of indie fans and hip-hop enthusiasts alike, will gain more recognition for what it truly is - a vital release from one of the most influential and talented emcees there is: Mr. Daniel Dumile.

Danger Doom, The Mouse and the Mask full album zip

The collaborative project from super producer Danger Mouse and the masked hip-hop supervillain MF DOOM, inspired by Adult Swim. This Metalface edition features several bonus tracks no on the original album and the full 7-track 2006 Dangerdoom EP Occult Hymn.

In September 1999, Dumile would release his debut studio album Operation: Doomsday under a new stage name, MF DOOM, wearing a mask similar to that of Marvel Comics super-villain Doctor Doom. In 2003, he would release his second and third studio albums, Take Me to Your Leader, under the stage name King Geedorah, and Vaudeville Villain under the name Viktor Vaughn.

The Mouse and the Mask was produced by Lex super-producer Danger Mouse and masked supervillain MF Doom. The album features Cee-Lo Green (also of Gnarls Barkley), Talib Kweli, Ghostface Killah, Money Mark and the cast of cult cartoon show Aqua Teen Hunger Force and ten years on remains Doom's best selling album to date.

He would follow up Madvillainy with several releases in the span of a few years, including The Mouse and the Mask with Danger Mouse, Born Like This and more releases in his prolific instrumental beat series Special Herbs. By 2009, MF DOOM and his various pseudonyms released six full-length albums. 350c69d7ab


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